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Cause I'm A Big Boy! :D
United Kingdom
Your usual Brit from England Land!... Well, not an ass. XD

Likes: Anime, Manga, Video Games, Music, Food, Drawing, Yuri, Hetero, Steam.
Dislikes: Bullying, Spiders, Recolours.

Fav Games: Team Fortress 2, Imperishable Night, Super Smash Bros., Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus Uprising.
Fav Characters: Mikuru, Marisa, Date, Sniper, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Pleinair... I could go on.
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Hey guys and gals! Since I'm being an unoriginal git.
I thought I'd do my Top Ten favourite anime of all time. : D

Reasons why I'm doing this is because A) I'm bored and B) I got nothing else to do in the meantime. : P
So let's get down to it.

Also, SPOILERS alert in case no one has seen any of these anime and are planning to watch them.

Now before I get onto why this is on my number 10 spot. Lemme say this...
Now with that out the way. The reason why Angel Beats is number 10 is because I quite enjoyed it. Sure there are some problems with it such as it being too short and that the other supporting characters haven't been fleshed out or haven't had their backstory told. But I can live with that, the main cast are kind of memorable and each one provides us with how they got stuck in limbo. Another reason why is because of the Ending Theme...

God damn that Ending Theme made me shed a tear! *Sniff*

This was one of those animes that actually got me into the Japanese Animation. Along with Kannazuki no Miko, I first saw Trigun on YouTube back in 2006. You know, when YouTube was just a little baby and was still wearing nappies... Dawwww~
But anyway! Trigun is a Wild Western Themed anime and it has alot of action. ALOT. And it is quite kickass too, Vash the Stampede voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch does really well for his debut in this anime. The rest of you might know Johnny for voicing Icihigo from the Anime Fille- I mean, Bleach and Koizumi from Haruhi. Trigun has lots of good comedy, the animation is very good for the 90s and most of the episodes are quite memorable.

Makes me want to go on the run now too... You know, have my head wanted and the price for it... Erm... a Snicker's Bar?

This is another one of those animes that got me interested in the Japanese Animation too. Now back then, I was still wondering why there hasn't been any cartoons or shows about "different" relationships. The moment I saw Kannazuki No Miko, I was like "WOAH! Baby, I must've gone on da wrong train baby!"... Okay, I lie; I never sounded like that. I was more curious and thanks to my feeble mind, I was sucked into KnM. But for Strawberry Panic, it took it in a different direction in my opinion. I didn't enjoy it solely because of the Yuri theme of it. I mostly enjoyed it for the characters and the romantic relationships they're having. I enjoyed Chikaru Minamoto's character the most out of the bunch as she was like the Mother out of the whole characters. And some of the relationships were kind of believable. The only problems I have with this anime is that it was left on a cliffhanger... Yeah, one thing I hate so much in cartoons and anime is that the studios who make them can just decide to leave them on a cliffhanger.
God dammit Madhouse! Gimme more of that Strawberry Panic! D: Gimme... I dunno, a Movie where Nagisa graduates and goes on her quest to be reunited with Shizuma! Or a Season 2, hell a reboot I'd like to see... Just don't make it like DmC. Or it'll be named sP and have Nagisa as Dante. *Shudders*

Now this is one anime that me and my sister both grew up watching it back in the 90s. And it was pretty awesome, giant mechs being used for war, great characters and an awesome soundtrack and the voice acting was quite decent for the time. Now this I haven't seen before in my li- Oh right... Gundam... Oooooo... Ooops. Okay, so Gundam and Zoids do have a few similarities, but I never grew up with Gundam so Zoids was a good thing for me to watch. Me and my sis would always watch it on Sky One every morning if we had the chance, the use of the 3D Animation and 2D Animation did blend in quite well although both could look out of place if they were combined together in one scene.
I even collected some of the Zoids Do It Yourself kits and made my own Zoids. But those are long gone now... Rest In Peace you beautiful bastards.

This was one anime that caught my curiosity thanks to one of my friends who really likes Shana. So I gave it a whirl, and its pretty good. Not perfect, but still pretty good. Now this anime is kind of really a mixed bag, some love this anime. Others hate this anime, and Angel Beats suffers from this too being a mixed bag too. But anyways, I quite liked Shana; the characters were nice to watch and while the animation can be good or bad within places (Well it is from J.C. Staff). But it isn't god damn terrible unlike that one part from Naruto Shippuuden. You know the one... _
And the OP Themes I really like Hishoku no Sora and Being are very catchy OP Songs that I do tend to listen to every now and then. But I'd say give this a whirl. Give it Two Episodes tops to see if it can hook you in or not.

This is one anime that I really liked, its made by the same people who made Ghost in the Shell. So when I popped it in, I really enjoyed it. Akira is quite enjoyable to watch and his actions are quite great to see; the movie is full of different kinds of little gags such as Akira having a dream with some... erm... Living... "Beings" named Johnny... and they always refer to a man's... thing as... Johnny... Meh. Dick Jokes. OLOLOLOL. 
I did really like this anime, it felt fast paced and it knew when to slow down for its audience to catch up. Comedy was nice too and characters we're enjoyable; and SPOILERS. It is set in America in the 1st Episode too, so luckily all the Americans are voiced by English Voice Actors even in the Japanese Dub.

For an ONA... This anime is just so damn funny, I love on how all the characters are portrayed in this. Kyon being the one who always gets the short straw and his voice actor Crispin Freeman does a really great job portraying him in this special. Great work Crispin, tell Gordon Freeman I said hi while you're out there. KTHXBAI
The rest are done really well and for episodes that're 5 minutes long, its really worth it. Koizumi's shown as a beautiful man who for whatever reason sparkles (DON'TWORRYTHISISN'TLIKETWILIGHT), Nagato is shown as an Otaku who loves to play Eroge Games, and Mikuru is as clueless as ever~ <3
This is also the only time where Tsuruya gets some more screentime and she's quite badass really in this ONA, the animation of this was also done by the same group who animated Lucky Star too. Props to you all!

Now let's move onto the Movie of Haruhi. Yeah, two bits of anime and they're both from Haruhi. Yeah, sue me.
This one is seen more serious as it pulls a HUGE Curveball. What would happen... if Haruhi vanished? That's right, there'd be no Aliens, no Time Travelers and no Espers. And to top things off, no one knows Haruhi... except for Kyon, this anime is really great. Animation is pulled off superbly and we get to see some of the characters like we haven't seen before. Nagato instead of being emotionless and silent, she's very shy and likes reading, Tsuruya being more protective around Mikuru, and Kyon actually losing it when he realises Haruhi vanished. It starts off slow, but it builds up and helps you take in the atmosphere and the music is really great too. If you love Haruhi or want a film to kill 2 Hours and 30 Minutes, give this a shot.
I'm sure you won't regret it!... That is... unless you do... Then... okay. :c

"Wait... FMAB?! Only Number 2!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"
I know, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the finest piece of Anime out there. And its a great retelling of the Manga; I got to be honest, when I first saw the original Fullmetal Alchemist; It never really caught my interest, so I dropped it after 14 episodes. But when I saw Brotherhood, by golly it hooked me in for a wild ride! And I never regretted it! :'D
For you those haven't seen the anime, it follows the same story as the Manga. For those who haven't read the Manga... I'll put it up in a small paragraph.
Two Brothers try to get their dead Mum back through Alchemy, it fucks up; one brother loses his body, the other loses his leg, then loses his arm for bounding his brother's soul to a suit armour. Then they go on a quest to get their original bodies back. Good enough? Okay? Yay!
This anime is really REALLY good, I loved it. It is very accurate to the Manga, no bullshit and no filler. It sticks with the plot and never goes off track. But it doesn't really hold that place in my heart as the best. The next one... does. : P

Here it is. My favourite anime of all time... Carnival Phantasm! : D
*Cricket Noise* What? Never heard of it?... Okay. :c
Carnival Phantasm is an Anime Special that is based off the Manga Take-Moon which is a Manga full of parodies involving the cast from Fate/stay Night, Tsukihime and Melty Blood. Lemme just say, the comedy in this anime is just damn hilarious; it always cheers me up whenever I'm in a bad mood and the running gags are great too. Hell, some of my favourite episodes are from this, especially Episode 5 and Episode 9 but I won't spoil those. : P 
Such as Lancer getting killed off in every episode and they even have the original Voice Actors who voiced them from their original franchise. Ayako Kawasumi still retains her role as Saber from Fate/stay Night and Miyu Matsuki still retains her role as Hisui (Little known fact: Miyu Matsuki also voices Hikaru Konohara from Strawberry Panic). The jokes are great too. While the animation can be a bit jarring, it still makes up for the great comedy. Hell, from rewatching the OP several times, I noticed the girl on the right walking off the screen, just as she's about to walk off. She vanishes, and CHAOS was redrawn at one part during the Intro of the 2nd Episode. But that's just me nitpicking.
This anime is still a blast and a great anime to cheer me up and make my day. c:

Well thats my Top Ten list of Favourite Anime of All Time. I would like to know, what is your Top Ten favourite anime of all time?
Leave a comment or response on what your Top Ten are if you're interested.
That's it from me now. Cheerio! : D


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